Portal Usage

USPS LiteBlue is designed specifically for USPS employees. Therefore, it cannot be used by anyone other than a USPS employee. Even if you are a federal employee, you will need an employee ID to create and use the account.


You will receive the LiteBlue employee ID when you join the organization. If you don’t remember it, you can find it on your income statement. This is an eight-digit number printed directly above the words “Employee ID.”

What To Do With LiteBlue?

There are many things you can do with USPS LiteBlue. You can use the portal to:

  • Access your daily work.
  • Get the latest information on USPS products and services.
  • Quickly access contact information for company employees, wherever they are.
  • Learn more about order tracking and shipment tracking.
  • Access USPS Payroll.
  • Access details on employee benefits.
  • Learn more about tax returns.
  • Discover new career development opportunities.
  • Stay informed of the details of the service.
  • Keep track of your projects, recipes, and entrees.
  • Share details about specific projects so client needs are met promptly.
  • Accesses PostalEASE.
  • Add comments if you have any.
  • Collect fines and complaints.

LiteBlue - Vehicle

Why Was LiteBlue USPS Gov Born?

The United States Postal Service has the largest retail chain in the country, bigger than Walmart and McDonald’s. Combine this gigantic size with manual process management on the network. What you get is chaos.

Before LiteBlue, everything was done manually, including shipping documents, resource management, funding, multilingual communication, and more. It was frantic, ineffective, and flawed. To avoid all these problems, the LiteBlue portal was created, which creates a certain degree of automation in workflow management and significantly reduces the bureaucracy involved in personnel management. Additionally, employees can access various USPS programs and benefits.

Hope, the above information regarding the use of LiteBlue is useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box.