With USPS LiteBlue ePayroll, users can access an online payment history to print or draw. You can access the payment history of up to 40 previous payments the employee has received. USPS employees can access job descriptions and pay accounts on the LiteBlue ePayroll online website and at www.liteblue.usps.gov.


You can access USPS LiteBlue accounts online through the Login session on the official LiteBlue ePayroll portal and at www.liteblue.usps.gov. You must create SSP accounts with passwords. You can then access the USPS LiteBlue ePayroll Gov account.

LiteBlue USPS manages financial information and employee data (LiteBlue.USPS.Gov) and warns that the portal is the best postal service for matters related to a large number of employee invoices. He is also known for providing advice on how to obtain professional benefits for employees.

USPS LiteBlue ePayroll Session Login Guide

  • First, you need to visit the LiteBlue USPS ePayroll website for a more convenient information service.
  • Visit the official ePayroll website at www.liteblue.usps.gov
  • French your employee ID and password.
  • To create an invoice, make sure, as a user, you have your USPS self-service password and your employee identification number. The employee identification number must contain several individual digits for verification.
  • Use the URL, visit the website and view the information required to access the account by clicking register on the tab provided.


If you don’t have a LiteBlue account, don’t worry!! you can easily create a new account here. Sign up for a LiteBlue account.

USPS has launched a new mobile application to access income statements. The new LiteBlue USPS ePayroll app is the LiteBlue web portal and is generally not mobile-friendly. Access to name and headache details with the old site interface. The old site is no longer responding.